Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to Make an Owl Planter

I saw once on  these cute animal planters made of felt, and I thought I should make my own. Since I don't know how to work with felt, I made them from air drying clay, and chose to go with an owl representation, because it is easy to recreate. I  incorporated all the process in a video, so you can make your own planter as well. See video at the bottom of this page.

Let's begin! But first here is something for you to pin :

When you buy little plants, they come in these plastic containers, so look for a jar or cup that is a little bigger than the container.
You will also need some air drying clay.Here is a suggestion :
-A knife
-Some tin foil
-A non sticky surface, to work your clay on it
-Something to roll the clay with- I used a bottle spray
-And a cup of water ( to help you smooth the surface of the clay )

1.Cover the bottom of the jar with tin foil and press it until it's smooth
2.Take a ball of clay and roll it until you obtain a round piece of about 0.5 cm thickness.
3.Place the round piece of clay on top of the jar and press it until it gains the shape of the jar.
4. Roll an other piece of clay until you obtain a cylinder shape, then press it and roll it until you obtain a rectangular shape, long enough to embrace the jar
5.Wrap around that piece around the jar, and using your fingers dipped in water, combine the 2 parts of  clay together until you obtain a cup shape that sits on top of the jar.
6.Turn over the jar, and using a stick or a pen , roll out the edge, and smooth it with your hands.
7. For the owl look, place 2 flat circles of clay on front , and smooth the center of them with your finger., creating the eyes.
8.Create also a conical shape and place it between the eyes , creating this way the beak.
9.Using a stick ,make some long marks on the back , resembling some feathers.
10.Remove the jar from the clay form. It will easily come out, but the tin foil will be stuck on the clay.
11. Leave it to dry for about 24 h or over night. After it's dried the tin foil pops out easily.
12.You can place your plant in there, or optional you can paint the owl, on the eyes and beak to look more funny.

And you are done!
Here is the video I promised:

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