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5 Creative Wedding Favors Ideas-DIY-Easy and Affordable

Planning a wedding can get complicated and stressful. After all , you may have dreamed about it since a little kid and maybe you feel a little frustrated that it has to be PERFECT.
Knowing this I've been planning to make a DIY specially for the future weeds, maybe to inspire them or help them with ideas for the event. 
For now I came up with some wedding favor ideas. If you think I can help with other things let me now in the comments. But before anything else what are wedding favors ? Here's a hand from Wikipedia :
Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. (Source)
Personally I find this tradition really cute and I would love to receive one so I can have a little "souvenir" from the people that celebrates love. Also it's important to make your guests  feel special and that you are happy they came to be with you in your special day.

Now before we begin here is something to pin : 

Wedding Favor No. 1 : Mini Flower Pot

1.Mini terracotta pot
2.A piece of kraft cardboard ( I recycled a cute gift bag)
3.A pattern scissors
4.White acrylic paint
5.Some sand beads ( I used white and glossy but you can go with pink or beige etc )
6.Transparent glue
7.Tissue paper
8.Mini paper flowers 
9.A piece of organza
10. Pen and brown crayon
11.A mini shape cutter 

-Cover the mini terracotta pot with 1-2 layers of white paint and let it dry
-Write on the piece of cardboard a cute message or something simple like " Thank You!"
-Use the mini shape cutter to cut out a little piece creating a shaped hole
-Take the organza and push is through the hole then tie together the message with a little paper flower
- Fill the terracotta pot with 2-3 layers of tissue paper with glue between them
-Pinch in the middle a hole using something thin and sharp like a toothpick
-Squeeze the flower in there and add on top plenty of glue
-Then place a layer of sand beads
-Dip the crayon in some water
-Write your initials on the painted pot- this is optional- you can leave it simple if you want 

Wedding Favor No 2 : Message in a Bottle

1.A tiny glass bottle 
2. Kitchen salt ( I used himalayan salt )
3. A piece of white string
4.Pattern scissors
5.Transparent glue 
6. Sea related objects ( seashell, pearl , glass)

- Draw a heart shape with glue on the glass bottle
-Dip the shape in salt creating a salt heart
-Write a personal message on a piece of paper .Something like : "You're a life saver, thanks for being here!"
-Cut around the message with the pattern scissors then roll the paper creating a mini scroll. 
-Tie the mini scroll with the white string
-Now go ahead and fill the bottle -first salt, then the message, then the sea objects - I used a shell, a piece of glass and a white pearl

Wedding Favor No 3 : Message in a Box

1.A box of matches
2.Washi Tape
3.Pattern Scissors
4.A glass bead/stone ( I found this at the home decor section)
5. Metallic Golden acrylic paint
6.Paper and pen
7. A piece of cotton


-Paint the back of the glass stone with golden metallic paint and let it dry
-Roll washi tape all over the cover of the matchbox
-Add some glue to the interior of the box and push in the piece of cotton
-Write a personal message on a piece of paper. Something like : " Your presence here is gold!", then cut around it, roll it into a scroll  and tie it with a piece of string.
-Put the scroll on top of the cotton along with the gold drop glass and close the box

Wedding Favor No 4 : Just Married Car

Supplies :
1. A toy car
2.A piece of cardboard
3.A piece of organza and a big fork ( this is for creating little bows -if you bought them skip this step)
4.Transparent glue
6.Pattern scissors


-For creating the little bow -go around the edges of the fork twice then tie a knot in the middle. See video bellow for better understanding
-Glue the bow on the front hood of the car.
-Write a message like "Just Married" on the cardboard and cut around it with the pattern scissors
-Glue the toothpick on the back of the message then glue it all together on the car. If you want you can glue only the message if it's small enough.

Wedding Favor No 5 : Mini Wedding Cake

1.Three bottle caps of different sizes -one bigger than the other
2.Glue gun
3.White acrylic paint
4.Cardboard+ pattern scissors
5.Some white paper flowers

TIP : if you are making more of these use white spray paint for a faster result.
         ask your friends and family to save bottle caps for you so you can have enough of them

-Using the glue gun stick the smaller cap on top of the bigger one creating a wedding cake shape
-Create a whipped cream pattern on top and on the edges of the caps using the glue gun
-Cover it in 2-3 coats of white paint and let it dry
-Write a personal message on a big piece of cardboard .Something like : "So sweet of you to come! "
-Cut around it with the pattern scissors then glue the mini cake on the cardboard right next to the message.
-Glue some paper flowers on the edges and on top of the cake

And that's it! Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite;
 If some of these steps are not clear enough please watch the video bellow. It shows how to create all 5 of the wedding favors:

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