Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bee Hive Vase- DIY- Recycling Project

I just love this new home decor trend, that suggest luxury - through  its colors(mostly gold ) , but also simplicity- through geometry. Because most of the items out there are pretty expensive I challenged myself to create something similar using cheap materials , or why not, through recycling .So here is my idea: a bee hive vase made out of a plastic bottle!

1.Plastic bottle (try to find one with a smooth surface)
2. Bee hive pattern- >

 you can download it for free HERE

3. Glue gun - (for this project I consumed 3 glue sticks)
4. Golden spray paint - if this seems too much to buy -don't worry- you will definitely use it on future project (I already used it 5 times ! and I have enough left)

 5.Scissors and sticky tape

To see how it's done check out video bellow:

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Retro No Numbers Clock

I always found no numbers clock very cool. We should stop being so addicted to time, and stop checking it so often. (Well expect when you have an important meeting to attend to ).
I also  love retro/ vintage clock designs. You can still find them at vintage shops if you're lucky, and sometimes they can get expensive. Here is a fun way to create your own, using a Pringels can! (next time you enjoy a can of chips , don't throw that away )

Five Back to School Ideas - Fun and Creative ( Part 2 )

I finished school some time ago, but I remember that every year before it would start, I really enjoyed going shopping and getting prepared  and I used to personalize my school supplies to get more excited about it.
I invested a lot of time in finding the perfect ideas, and creating this tutorial, and because I thought so much about it, I made 2 videos !here is part 2 of the series. You can see Part 1 here

You can see the video for this here :