Sunday, 2 August 2015

Five Back to School Ideas/Cool and Creative (Part 1)

I finished school some time ago, but I remember that every year before it would start, I really enjoyed going shopping and getting prepared  and I used to personalize my school supplies to get more excited about it.
I invested a lot of time in finding the perfect ideas, and creating this tutorial, and because I thought so much about it, I will even make a part 2 ! that will be out on my Youtube channel next week. So stay tuned!

Before we begin here is something to pin:

Idea number 1 : Pencil Toppers

-pom-poms (big and small)

-felt (black and white)
-glue (gel type)
-double sided tape and some printed paper or washi tape (optional for decoration)

1.Stick together big and small pom poms to recreate bunny or bear shapes
2. Cut out eyes and noses from the felt and stick them on the faces
3.Remove the eraser from the pencils and stick the animal pom poms in there, by applying pressure with circular moves
4. For decoration cover the pencils with washi tape or create your own washi tape using the printed images

Idea number 2: Panda lunch box

 -A lunch box
-White and Black felt
-A glue gun
-Some fabric of your choice
-2 liter plastic bottle
-sticky tape
-double sided tape

For the panda figure:
1.Draw a rough panda sketch on a piece of paper to figure out what you will need
2.Based on my sketch I cut out 2 semi-circle shaped ears, 2 black egg shaped eye circles, 2 white circles, an oval shaped nose, and an upside down "Y" shaped black mouth.
3.I glued the ears on the top and the ears,nose and mouth on the front using the glue gun.

For the handle:
1. Cover the plastic bottle with one row of sticky tape and cut around it.
2.Leave a semicircle shape and bend the edges.
3.Create a fabric tape like here, and cover the handle in it. 
4.Stick the handle on top with your glue gun and you're done

Idea number 3 : Apple pencil holder

-a round jar
-red acrylic paint
-white string
-some leaves from some fake flowers

1.Paint the jar inside with red.
2. Add glue on the top edge
3.Wrap around some string, along with the leaves
4.Leave everything to dry and you are done!

Idea number 4 : Puzzle Notebook

-a notebook
-a printed table, you can download this table for free here 
(You can also create your own table if you don't have a printer. Just mark the middle of the edges of a white sheet of paper . Then mark from that point ,towards right and left half a inch in steps until you get to the corners. Join points from opposite sides .)
-you will also need some double sided tape.

1.Stick on the edges of the notebook and in the center stripes of tape. 
2.Reveal the sticky sides and place on top the printed table.
3.Complete the boxes with letters and form words of your chose like "science is cool" . 
4.Color those words with crayons or markers so you won't lose them
5.Complete the rest of the boxes with letters ,randomly or hide some secret words 
6.You can also decorate the edges of the table with washi tape if you like

Idea number 5 : Vintage Camera Sharpener / Crayon Box

-a big match box
-a sharpener
-very strong glue
-2 bottle caps
-acrylic paint (black and silver)
-x-acto knife

1.Glue the sharpener to an inside corner of the matchbox
2.Using the x-acto knife, create two holes on the outside corner , to match the holes of the sharpener.
3.Applying pressure with circular moves, enlarge the holes with a crayon, until you are apple to sharpen it.
4.Draw two lines parallel with the longer edges 
5. Glue the bigger cap on the front of the box and the smaller one on the top.
6.Paint the middle with black and the margins with silver
7.Add details to make it look more realistic : like painting the edge of the bigger cap with silver and tapping a little paint in the middle with your finger. You can also draw some rectangles in the left top corner with a black marker

And you're done
Add in there some crayons and you're ready to draw some photos :)

If some of the steps above are not clear enough watch video bellow to understand better all the details:

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