Monday, 11 May 2015

Stamped T-shirts with Potatoes DIY-3 Designs: Watermelon,Pineapple and Leaf How-To

Summer is approaching fast and I needed something light,fresh and new to wear daily. I went and bought 3 simple,cotton T-shirts and I personalized them with these cool stamp prints. I made the stamps from potatoes but you can also create stamps from rubber sheets.

For this project you will need:
  • Two small potatoes and a large one (also it's best you have more than that,because things might not go as planned from the start)
  • Cutting tools:a small kitchen knife and a x-acto blade
  • .Fabric Paints-I bought mine from the supermarket (Auchan) at a fair price and I'm sure you can find these at any craft store
  • Three cotton T-shirts -I found mine at sale for a very good price and I bought a bigger size than I actually wear-I felt like these fresh ,summer designs go best with a loose shirt.
  • A big box-as big as fitting your T-shirt in it-so when you stamp,the color doesn't absorb in the back side
  • Extra: some paint brushes and an electric iron (if the instructions of the fabric paint requires)
So let's begin! Yay!

The steps are not hard to explain and they are repetitive for each design. The whole trick in doing this is the carving into the potato your desired design.

Step 1. Creating your stamps-for this watch the video bellow
Step 2. Cover the box with the T-shirt
Step 3. Dipping the stamps in paint and start stamping
Step 4 .Let it dry 
Step 5. Iron it (Optional)

Sounds easy and believe me the watermelon design really is. The other two are a little tricky but this video will surely help:

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