Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Candle Holder/Flower Pot DIY-Recycle DIY

Every time I cook something with eggs I feel bad for trowing away the shells.They have a nice bright color,and a texture that is easy to work with. Having these in mind I came up with the idea of creating a nice decor element,practical (with double purpose), that is cheap and easy to make.

1.Egg shells (the next time you are cooking, clean them with water and save in a paper bag)
2.A glass (I used an empty Nutella jar-because duh! we are recycling)
3.Glue (I used BIC glue,you can also use mod podge)
4.Spray paint of your choice( I love the golden one-it's a must have if you are a craft fan)
5.Some varnish (this is optional)
6.Something to fill your jar-a candle,a little plant,crayons-whatever you like

Lets get started:
Step 1: Spray paint the jar. Some of these paints are very toxic so I recommend to do this step somewhere outside and not in your room.Also don't try to make it perfect.It is going to be covered with egg shells anyway.Let it dry for a couple of hours,or over night.
Step 2:Brake the egg shells in little pieces.
Step 3 :Apply some glue on the jar and spread it with a paintbrush.Then take a toothpick and dip it in the glue to collect the little pieces of shells more easily and place them on the jar.You can also do this with your hand but keep in mind that things may get sticky
Step 4:After you are satisfied with the result let it dry-then you can apply the varnish

See here video for this diy:

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