Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bee Hive Vase- DIY- Recycling Project

I just love this new home decor trend, that suggest luxury - through  its colors(mostly gold ) , but also simplicity- through geometry. Because most of the items out there are pretty expensive I challenged myself to create something similar using cheap materials , or why not, through recycling .So here is my idea: a bee hive vase made out of a plastic bottle!

1.Plastic bottle (try to find one with a smooth surface)
2. Bee hive pattern- >

 you can download it for free HERE

3. Glue gun - (for this project I consumed 3 glue sticks)
4. Golden spray paint - if this seems too much to buy -don't worry- you will definitely use it on future project (I already used it 5 times ! and I have enough left)

 5.Scissors and sticky tape

To see how it's done check out video bellow:

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